What I Learned at Star Marketing Summit

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Tim Gillette started a blog post with the above title. He had each participant in the 14th iteration of the event I organize twice a year. We were in Dallas, Texas January 3-4, 2020 and featured some very well-known speakers along with some just starting out. He said we could all participate in a blog post he would create and tag all of us. That idea inspired me to start this post.

Until now, the only comments I get on this blog is spam. Please comment here about what you learned at any if the 14 Star Marketing Summits, any of the BE Events Monica Cornetti and Jonathan Peters put on around the country, or either of the original Charleston Challenges.

What will this do? It gives the event some credibility, shows people you are a lifelong learner, and creates valuable links for driving Internet traffic. Thanks for the idea, Rock Star!

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