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Thank you for considering attendance at the event.
The Star Marketing Summit is a peer-to-peer business-building event for speakers, coaches, authors, and other life-change professionals (we also have a lot of fun).

It differentiates itself from other events by being accessible in both price and possibility. What I mean by this is that most events have presenters who are so far ahead of you that it would take giant leaps to achieve what they are teaching. The Marketing Summit features speakers who are more moderately further along than you who share the exact actions they took to build their businesses. There are no canned presentations designed to lead you to a sales pitch. There is genuine sharing as a form of giving back and supporting one another.

Presenters and organizers are not paid to attend and do not sell from the front of the room. Anyone who does have a product or service to sell is encouraged to offer it on breaks through networking, however.

If your primary reason to attend the event is to sell your product or service, consider being a sponsor. For only a little more than the price of admission you will be able to set up a table, share a handout, and make a soft offer at the end of a high-value presentation.

Sponsorship level 2 includes admission for a colleague and a pre- or post- event webinar.

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