Comprehensive Infrastructure Outline

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Name, Tagline, Brand – Who are you (story, background, uniqueness)?
Platform – Where, when, and how?
Target – Whom do you serve? What problem do you solve? What result can you promise?
Offer – What do you sell? (Products, Services, Topics)
Motivation – Why are you doing this?
Statement of Offering
Bio and About
Graphic Identity
“Press Kit”
·        Press Release
·        One Sheet – Bio, Impact Statement, Offering, Testimonials/Experience
Action Photos, Head Shots, Sizzle Reel
Online Presence
·        Web Site
·        Social Media
Contacts List
Contacts and Organizations/individuals you want to work with
Government Agencies, Associations, Schools, Groups
Event Planners, Bureaus, and Referral Services – MPI, E-Speakers, Speaker Match, WSA, Thumbtack, Gig Salad
Networking – Exposure, Affiliation, Referrals
Social Media – LinkedIn (Pro Finder), Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
Pink Spoons
·        Speaking – Fee, Low or No Fee, Webinars, Guest Stages
·        Social Media – Post, Engage, Share
·        FB – Page Posts, Group Interaction, Live Video
·        Multimedia – YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest
·        Content – Blogs, Video, LinkedIn, Guest Spots
·        Email – Opt-in, Auto-Responder, Funnel
·        Elevator Speech
·        Publications (Book, Video, Audio)
·        Free Session
Solid Offering
System (Script, Sequence, Schedule)
Follow Up
Content (Combination of Services)
·        Keynote (Target, Title, Hook, Point of View, Interaction, Multi-Length)
·        Training (Target, Topics, Learning Outcomes, Interaction)
·        Consulting (Strategy Sessions, Shadowing, Re-Structuring, Evaluation)
·        Coaching (Goal Setting, Behavior Remediation, Strategy, Object
Measurable Result

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