Causing the “Know, Like, and Trust” Factor

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If you have done any sales training, you’ve heard that in order to buy from you, people have to Know, Like, and Trust you. In traditional marketing, this is achieved through gaining visibility, telling your story, and creating a fair offer with a strong guarantee supported by testimonials.

In front of a live audience, the formula changes a little. Many speaking workshops tell us not to begin with a joke because not everyone appreciates a joke in the same way. Another reason for that is that the audience has to believe in you before you worry about getting them to like you.

Generally audiences go from skeptics to action-takers in these five stages:

  • You know your stuff (Credibility)
  • I like you (Likeability)
  • You’re like me (Relatability)
  • I can do it (Practicality)
  • I’ll believe you and do what you suggest (Applicability)

Start out with confidence, clarity, and strong content. Build rapport, then show your vulnerability. These things allow the audience to be with you rather than in front of you. If you’re so great they can’t relate, then they may believe you but never take action because they assume it doesn’t apply to them.

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