Congratulations on Deciding to Take the Fast Track. So now what?

  1. Look over the 4 Areas of Emphasis. Do you need to work on all four? If so, schedule a one-on-one session with each of the coaches. Are you working in one, two, or three of the four areas? Decide how best to use your 4 sessions strategically, and get in touch with your coaches of choice.
  2. Look at the bullets under each coach. Coaches you contact will give you further instructions, but prepare to submit relevant materials, answer pertinent questions, and express your needs.
  3. Join the private Facebook Group:
  4. Wait for details of the two bonus group coaching sessions.

Content Creation with Dr. Angela Massey 860 478-4220

  • Pre-Work—Assessment based on your client’s stated objectives Worksheet
  • Done for You—Structure, Reverse Engineering client’s objectives
  • One on One—Design your high-impact program from scratch: Activities, Media Choices, etc.
  • Deliverables—Customized workbook, Catalog Offerings, Access to private Facebook group

Clout and Brand with Sherry Prindle 817 657-5301

Who are you? Whom do you target? What do you speak, train, or coach on? How do people find you? Determine what you sell and create a brand that markets it for you.

  • Pre-Work – Self-Assessment, Videos, and Worksheets
  • Done for You – Audit of Marketing Materials and Social Media Presence
  • One on One – Development of Signature Story, Talk, Package, etc.
  • Deliverables – Unified Brand, Components of Marketing System Set if not Completed

Contracts with Delvon Survine 843 441-6478
Get lucrative contracts from the number one consumer of training: the government! Win bids and become sought after by agencies and non-profits.

  • Pre-Work: Self-Assessment, Worksheet
  • Done for you: Audit of your business for government viability, certifications, and subcontracting
  • One on One: Develop Capability Statement; Prepare proposals and the bidding process
  • Deliverables: Complete capability statement, local marketing strategy, small business certifications

Coaching Income with Robin White 614 288-8095
Expand your offering by developing long-term executive coaching programs to augment your speaking and training.

  • Pre-Work: Individualize goals and prepare needs analysis
  • Done for you: individually prepared coaching sessions, questions and development for executive-level clients, middle management, and emerging leaders
  • One on One: Walking through actual process of a session, documenting, follow through, learning key components of how to up sale and continue coaching with long-term focus
  • Deliverables: Build, develop and implement an executive coaching plan