At the January 2022 Star Marketing Summit Darren LaCroix challenged us to create a 77-Day challenge! Post a numbered daily video in the Marketing Summit Facebook Group with #StarChallenge

You can number your post based on the number of days you have participated or the day number we are on right now (based on a February 1 start date).

It is NEVER too late to start or get back when you skip a day. The purpose of the challenge is to get intentional about taking the actions we want to take and/or disseminating content or marketing to get known. The idea is to post a video or link to something you created or check in on where you are every day for 77 days. Do whatever you want or play along with the theme days:

Marketing Monday – Definition/Branding

Talking Tuesday – Putting Yourself Out There

Working Wednesday – Create or Accomplish

Thirsty Thursday – Stretch Beyond Comfort Zones

Freebie Friday – Share Valuable Tidbits

Social Saturday – Social Media

Story Sunday – Stories/Lessons Learned

I created a leaderboard and you get one point for every day you post. I can only count individual posts in this group, so please paste a link or edit the leaderboard yourself if you are posting elsewhere (and I recommend posting elsewhere like your own page or Instagram to get marketing value from your work). Also, it is difficult to count it when your post is a comment on someone else’s post, so let’s make each post individual.

Facebook Group:

If my count is incorrect, you are able to follow the link and edit the leaderboard. You can also tag or message me if you want me to change it.

Let’s Make Money Making a Difference by Taking DAILY ACTION and Getting Accountability!