The Star Marketing Summit Organizer

Sherry Prindle International speaker and corporate trainer, Sherry Prindle has delivered over 3,000 presentations in three languages. She founded the Professional Coach Academy where she has been instrumental in launching the careers of over 1,200 professional speakers and coaches. Author of Why Women Buy, she hosts a radio show for entrepreneurs. Sherry has an M.A. in Business and Linguistics. She speaks Japanese and Russian, having lived in both countries. She enjoys traveling, camping, singing, trail running, and team trivia.

January 2021 Presenters

Steve Markman President/Founder, Markman Speaker Management, multi-service speaker agency offering Virtual Training: “Boost Visibility Through Speaking Engagements.” Markman Speaker Management, LLC is a multi-service speaker agency established in 1994, with access to an international network of speakers in all fields and industries. Steve has over 30 years of experience in the conference, event, and speaker business. He is in the unique position of having been a conference producer himself, working with some of the world’s largest events.

Kathi Kulesza – Billed the Assertive Confidence Coach, what do you get when you combine thirty-plus years of hospitality, management, leadership, training, and marketing experience with a personal training and life coach certification? A speaker and coach who can relate to the challenges you and your team face as you attempt to obtain work-life harmony with a to-do list a mile long.

John Chen The extreme leader of Geoteaming climbs mountains, walks on fire, swims with dolphins, rides Harleys, and snowboards out of helicopters. A recognized thought leader and expert on digital team building, John leads his own team with more than 230,000 clients across the United States, Europe and Asia.  John and Geoteaming harness the power of team through play with a purpose.  John is an accomplished author (Engaging Virtual Meetings 2020, 50 Digital Team Building Games 2011 – published by John Wiley and Sons) and winner of numerous professional awards and recognition including two patents for software design.  When you meet John, you will encounter a dynamic, energetic and effective leader who builds strong bonds of friendship with those he meets.

Monica Cornetti Founder of Sententia Gamification is ranked as a #1 Gamification Guru in the world by UK based Leaderboarded. She works with individuals and organizations who want to learn how to think differently to achieve uncommon results and was featured on the cover of Bloomberg Businessweek. Monica is a highly sought-after speaker because of her spunkiness and emphasis on fun while learning. She is the author of the Amazon #1 Best Selling book What Were You Thinking?, the newly revised Totally Awesome Training Activity Guide:  Put Gamification to Work for You, and the acclaimed book Your Face Isn’t Finished Until Your Lipstick Is On: Rules of the Women’s Success Game.

Jonathan Peters, PhD Chief Motivation Officer at Sententia Gamification. He has spent over a decade studying the science and art of motivation and persuasion. As a speaker, he has helped audiences from Melbourne, Australia to Augusta, Maine more effectively communicate with their customers and team-members. With Sententia, he applies his knowledge and experience to make learning more enticing, engaging, and encouraging through gamification. With Sententia Gamification, he applies his knowledge and experience to make learning more enticing, engaging, and encouraging through gamification.

Rocky White Founder of Speakers you Need (SyN). He believes that all organizations need skill set improvements, culture adjustments, change management, and periodical inspiration and motivation. Rocky has discovered this through years of experience as a business owner, financial officer, vice president of business development and as a nonprofit leader. He started speaking in 1996 on the road for 2 years doing 44 weeks per year. He was hired at National Seminars in 2000 to lead the on-site department before starting his organization.

Michaela Smith Entrepreneur who absolutely loves connecting people to others. A “meditation nut,” she believes life is an amazing experience when we are able to stand in connection and collaboration. She started Karma Koaches to do exactly that, connect coaches to other coaches and coaches to clients. They do this through community and collaboration in masterminds, books group and masters network. Karma Koaches believe that the world can transform when we connect, create and transform our own world through coaching.

Jeff Klein Joining speakers to meeting and event planners for almost 10 years in his Speaker Co-op, Jeff Klein focuses on ONE thing: teaching speakers how to benefit from speaking for their business so that event planners can’t wait to return for even more. That means increased brand awareness and solid message development, but it also means using a proven system that speaking event organizers appreciate because of the value it brings to the groups where you present. A networking superstar and active meeting coordinator currently in Dallas, Houston and Austin, in the upcoming months Jeff plans to branch his meetings into cities all over the continent.

July 2020 Presenters (in order of appearance)

Ann Evanston has over 25 years of experience in the field of influence, personal power, and inspired leadership, and is the founder of three organizations that are still running today. Ann’s experience with social media came out of need during the 2007-08 economic turn. Then she learned how to harness the power of social media to find opportunities, recruit, speak and publish best selling books. Now in 2020, she has tapped in and does more with less using social media as a tool. Ann is a published author of: The Influence Factor: The Journey to Discovering Your Influential Voice, and co-authored: The Power of Leadership Producing Results/Feb. 2009; and The Power of Leadership in Business Networking/Aug. 2009. Her bestselling collaborations: The Self-Love Evolution: Unscripted Stories were all managed via social media.

Judi Moreo Publisher of Choices, an international online quarterly magazine designed to encourage others to make the right choices and live successful lives and features articles on ways to make your life work. With over 50 years of experience, Judi is one of the most-in demand speakers on motivation, communication skills and personal development around the world. Author of You Are More Than Enough:  Every Woman’s Guide to Purpose, Passion, and Power and Achievement Journal. Best known as a motivational speaker and development trainer, she has been sought out by the top executives in 28 countries.

Marilyn Sherman One of only 182 members inducted into the National Speaker Association’s CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame. She has served on the boards for the National Speakers Association Las Vegas and San Diego chapters. Marilyn has held national positions as the chair of the Motivational Speaker Professional Expert Group. Author of Whose Comfort Zone Are You In? and Why Settle for the Balcony? How to Get a Front-Row Seat in Life! She got her start after graduating from Washington State University with Chrysler First Financial Services. After which, she earned warrior status while working as a contract speaker in the U.S. and Canada.

Stormie Andrews Began his career in retail, selling consumer electronics. He eventually earned his way to being recognized as one of the top salespeople in the nation. He tried his luck with Concordia Homes working up to the role of Director of Sales and Marketing. In 2010, Stormie founded Yokel Local with business partner Darrell Evans and is credited with developing and implementing strategies for unprecedented growth within numerous organizations. Author of The Better The Tailor The Better The Fit, an in-depth extension to his writings in award-winning book Power of the Platform, Speakers on Success he co-authored with Jack Canfield, Dr. Tony Alessandra, Les Brown, Brian Tracy, and others.

Darren LaCroix Not always known as being the standup comic, Darren knows how to overcome failures to reach his dreams better than most. After a failed business venture in 1992 and a bombed comedy act, he persevered to prove he could be anything. In 2001, he outspoke 25,000 contestants from 14 countries to become the World Champion of Public Speaking. Since then, he has traveled the world in order to teach others that with the right mentor, anything is possible. Co-Author of multiple books including Speaker’s EDGE:  Secrets and Strategies for Connecting with Any Audience and Laugh and Get Rich:  How to Profit from Humor in Business.

Guy Burns After serving 8 years in the U.S. Navy, on board Nuclear Submarines, he held management positions in several organizations. Since starting his speaking and consulting business, he has made over 850 presentations in 45 states and 12 countries on 4 continents. As a Certified Speaking Professional and a Certified Federal Contracting Professional, he is held to high standards of Ethics, Expertise, and Eloquence. He has also served as an Official Member of the Forbes Coaches Council on Leadership and a contributing writer on Guy is currently serving as President of the National Speakers Association Las Vegas Chapter.

Sean Douglas U.S. Air Force Veteran, TEDx Speaker, Master Resilience Implementer & Suicide Awareness Trainer, Business Positioning Strategist, International Radio Show Host of Life Transformation Radio, and Author.  He’s a suicide survivor who hit rock bottom.  He believes that you were created for a purpose, and once you unlock your true potential, you will elevate your life, which is why he founded The Success Corps. Sean works with Entrepreneurs, Speakers, and Business Owners to improve their Positioning in the Market which increases Profitability while decreasing their anxiety and stress so their business thrives.

Travis Brown One of the most highly sought-after Personal Brand Marketing Builders and Speakers in America. For the last 20 years, he has spent his time teaching people how to produce results for their companies. Today, as the CEO & Chief Brand Officer of Mojo Up, Travis leads the company to “Build Personal Brands That Create Company Profits” for their clients. As a Keynote Speaker, he has rocked over 2,500+ stages including Fortune 500 companies, associations, small businesses, real estate professionals and NFL teams.

Tim Hast provides organizational training, development, and coaching services in leadership, listening, communication, conflict management, mediation, and team building. His work is based on training and facilitating trust-based relationships. Author of Powerful Listening. Powerful Influence. Work Better. Live Better. Love Better: by Mastering the Art of Skillful Listening.

LaShanya Aikerson After over 20 years as an engineer, staff employee, supervisor, and manager, LaShanya understands firsthand the challenges organizations face. She challenges training participants to re-examine their existing paradigms, and embrace the high-performance tools and best practices used by the most successful Fortune 500 companies. She is a highly sought after trainer, certified speaker, coach, and meeting facilitator. She holds an MBA in Strategy and Organizational Behavior from Northwestern University.

Dr. Tracy Powell Throughout her career, Dr. Powell has held various leadership and executive positions. In these roles, she faced and quickly recovered from racial discrimination, managing fear, balancing work and family and speaking with one voice. Successful coaching experiences throughout her career led to the establishment of Executive Coaching Institute for Minority Women, LLC. She is an internationally known, award winning Author (Practical Leadership:  Lessons Learned from Mickey and Journey to Authorship:  A Pocket Guide for Writers), Speaker and Executive Coach. For over a decade, Dr. Powell has empowered individuals and executives to overcome challenges and secure and maintain their executive positions without hesitation or fear. Dr. Powell earned her PhD in Health Service Policy and Management from the University of South Carolina in 2010.

Steven Ash Cotter A rising prodigy, who possesses a unique vision for life and business, he has a remarkably inspiring story overcoming huge odds to succeed with a true talent around creativity. Ash has been rated as one of the most influential names in UK personal development. Author of Clarity, Warriors Code:  To the Seekers of Wisdom, and Beyond the Spectrum.

January 2018 Presenters

Dr. Angela Massey Professional Business Writing Strategist and Coach; Corporate Trainer; Keynote Speaker; and Book Creation Guru – Dr. Angela Massey offers a unique combination of training and coaching designed to increase stickability, accountability, and responsibility. She is the author an publisher of numerous books and has enhanced the professionalism of thousands of business professionals in organizations like CitiBank, CUNY, Yale, and others.

Robin White International Expert, Speaker, and Coach for Motv8u LLC for over 18 years, Robin White has captivated audiences and kept their attention with strong content, humor, and tons of take-aways. Popular topics are Motivation and Inspiration, Customer Service, Stress Management, Conflict Management, Emotional Intelligence, and Team Building. Her signature book, Fat Girls Don’t Eat French Fries, is a commentary on self-image in a media saturated society. Her ability to balance fun and function make her one of the best choices in the industry to come to your organization.

Delvon M. Survine With 20 years as a Marine and 4 years as an Equal Opportunity Consultant for the military, Delvon Survine has unique leadership and cross-culture communication experience. His Kinetic Management LLC offers energetic scenario based workshops that meet federal and state compliance training standards as well as addressing growing trends of work place issues that affect employee morale, legal cost, and productivity.

Susan Rose Author, speaker, intuitive and clairaudient, Susan Rose is recognized for her expertise in subtle energy modalities. She draws from training in Naturopathy, Bioenergetics, Hypno-therapy, Nutrition & Functional Medicine. Susan works by Skype and has a Doctorate of Divinity so that she can legally use her gifts and training in Applied Kinesiology, Dowsing, Clairaudience, Remote Viewing, Psychology and Holographic Memory Resolution. Susan became interested in Energy Psychology and has trained in Logosynthesis, Holographic Memory Resolution and Zpoint Process. Her clients connect with ease to their natural sources of deep joy, happiness and prosperity. She lives in Canada five miles north of Newport, Vermont.

Robert Carrow  Carrow Group International is a communication, public speaking and presentation skills training company that teaches business professionals how to communicate more effectively and deliver polished, creative, and persuasive presentations that move people to immediate massive action. Robert Carrow has delivered 1,000+ seminars & keynotes worldwide to 30,000+ individuals. He has addressed audiences ranging in size from 30 to 3,000. Whether presenting a keynote, workshop or multi-day retreat, his passion is helping attendees take their lives, careers and businesses to the next level.

Betsy Allen-Manning Featured on FOX, CBS, ABC & NBC, Betsy Allen-Manning is recognized as one of the top leadership speakers, a best selling author & personality expert. Betsy mastered the art of human behavior while working as a manager for multi-billion dollar corporations; such as Disney, the Golden Globe Events & Wynn Hotels. Betsy provides managers with communication strategies to reduce workplace conflict, increase team productivity and expand bottom line results. Average clients experience a 78% reduction in workplace stress and at least a 27% increase in productivity. Her keynote speeches, leadership development programs, and cutting-edge communication techniques have helped her developed more positive cultures in organizations nationwide, and have played a huge role in how she became one of the most in-demand trainers on DISC Personality Styles and a top John Maxwell certified coach in Dallas TX. Betsy’s utilizes her background as a professional singer to deliver the 3 H’s of successful presentations: High energy, High engagement & High-level content.

Alexander Van Buren Owning seminar company a national speakers bureau, and an internet marketing company, Alexander Van Buren is a certified Master Practitioner, trainer and innovator of NLP. Author of Mastering the Mental Game, he specializes in Behavior Modeling has modeled over 200 patterns of excellence in over 16 industries over the past 17 years. Some of his modeled strategies have been published in Anchor Point Magazine, The Sourcebook of Magic and the Big Book of NLP. Becoming financially free in 2013, Alexander now books speakers, hosts workshops, and maintains an impressive list of high-end coaching and consulting clients.

Past Presenters

Ellen Engel – Founder of Training Company, Elevate 4 Success

LaShanya Aikerson – Rockstar Coach and Trainer in Atlanta

Dawn Jones – Creator of products for herself and other speakers and of a course on Successful Booking

Lisa Ann Landry – Social Media Expert

Cara Lane – Strengths and Enthusiasm Trainer