The Star Marketing Summit Organizer

Sherry Prindle International speaker and corporate trainer, Sherry Prindle has delivered over 3,000 presentations in three languages. She founded the Professional Coach Academy where she has been instrumental in launching the careers of over 1,200 professional speakers and coaches. Author of Why Women Buy, she hosts a radio show for entrepreneurs. Sherry has an M.A. in Business and Linguistics. She speaks Japanese and Russian, having lived in both countries. She enjoys traveling, camping, singing, trail running, and team trivia.


January 2018 Presenters

Dr. Angela Massey Professional Business Writing Strategist and Coach; Corporate Trainer; Keynote Speaker; and Book Creation Guru – Dr. Angela Massey offers a unique combination of training and coaching designed to increase stickability, accountability, and responsibility. She is the author an publisher of numerous books and has enhanced the professionalism of thousands of business professionals in organizations like CitiBank, CUNY, Yale, and others.

Robin White International Expert, Speaker, and Coach for Motv8u LLC for over 18 years, Robin White has captivated audiences and kept their attention with strong content, humor, and tons of take-aways. Popular topics are Motivation and Inspiration, Customer Service, Stress Management, Conflict Management, Emotional Intelligence, and Team Building. Her signature book, Fat Girls Don’t Eat French Fries, is a commentary on self-image in a media saturated society. Her ability to balance fun and function make her one of the best choices in the industry to come to your organization.

Delvon M. Survine With 20 years as a Marine and 4 years as an Equal Opportunity Consultant for the military, Delvon Survine has unique leadership and cross-culture communication experience. His Kinetic Management LLC offers energetic scenario based workshops that meet federal and state compliance training standards as well as addressing growing trends of work place issues that affect employee morale, legal cost, and productivity.

Susan Rose Author, speaker, intuitive and clairaudient, Susan Rose is recognized for her expertise in subtle energy modalities. She draws from training in Naturopathy, Bioenergetics, Hypno-therapy, Nutrition & Functional Medicine. Susan works by Skype and has a Doctorate of Divinity so that she can legally use her gifts and training in Applied Kinesiology, Dowsing, Clairaudience, Remote Viewing, Psychology and Holographic Memory Resolution. Susan became interested in Energy Psychology and has trained in Logosynthesis, Holographic Memory Resolution and Zpoint Process. Her clients connect with ease to their natural sources of deep joy, happiness and prosperity. She lives in Canada five miles north of Newport, Vermont.

Robert Carrow  Carrow Group International is a communication, public speaking and presentation skills training company that teaches business professionals how to communicate more effectively and deliver polished, creative, and persuasive presentations that move people to immediate massive action. Robert Carrow has delivered 1,000+ seminars & keynotes worldwide to 30,000+ individuals. He has addressed audiences ranging in size from 30 to 3,000. Whether presenting a keynote, workshop or multi-day retreat, his passion is helping attendees take their lives, careers and businesses to the next level.

Tim Hast Providing organizational training, development, and coaching services that focus on leadership, listening, communication, conflict management, mediation, and team building; Tim Hast specializes in facilitating trust-based relationships through group and individual training. Tim is an authorized partner of Wiley and Sons for Everything DiSC personality assessments and The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team. Author of, “Powerful Listening. Powerful Influence. Work Better. Live Better. Love Better,” Tim leverages the skills he gained as an entrepreneur and counselor to coach and train people in the workplace.

Betsy Allen-Manning Featured on FOX, CBS, ABC & NBC, Betsy Allen-Manning is recognized as one of the top leadership speakers, a best selling author & personality expert. Betsy mastered the art of human behavior while working as a manager for multi-billion dollar corporations; such as Disney, the Golden Globe Events & Wynn Hotels. Betsy provides managers with communication strategies to reduce workplace conflict, increase team productivity and expand bottom line results. Average clients experience a 78% reduction in workplace stress and at least a 27% increase in productivity. Her keynote speeches, leadership development programs, and cutting-edge communication techniques have helped her developed more positive cultures in organizations nationwide, and have played a huge role in how she became one of the most in-demand trainers on DISC Personality Styles and a top John Maxwell certified coach in Dallas TX. Betsy’s utilizes her background as a professional singer to deliver the 3 H’s of successful presentations: High energy, High engagement & High-level content.

Alexander Van Buren Owning seminar company a national speakers bureau, and an internet marketing company, Alexander Van Buren is a certified Master Practitioner, trainer and innovator of NLP. Author of Mastering the Mental Game, he specializes in Behavior Modeling has modeled over 200 patterns of excellence in over 16 industries over the past 17 years. Some of his modeled strategies have been published in Anchor Point Magazine, The Sourcebook of Magic and the Big Book of NLP. Becoming financially free in 2013, Alexander now books speakers, hosts workshops, and maintains an impressive list of high-end coaching and consulting clients.

Jeff Klein Joining speakers to meeting and event planners for almost 10 years, Jeff Klein focuses on ONE thing: teaching speakers how to benefit from speaking for their business so that event planners can’t wait to return for even more from Speaker Co-op. That means increased brand awareness and solid message development, but it also means using a proven system that speaking event organizers appreciate because of the value it brings to the groups where you present. A networking superstar and active meeting coordinator currently in Dallas, Houston and Austin, in the upcoming months Jeff plans to branch his meetings into cities all over the continent.

Past Presenters

Ellen Engel – Founder of Training Company, Elevate 4 Success

LaShanya Aikerson – Rockstar Coach and Trainer in Atlanta

Guy Burns – Well-Connected Leadership Speaker and Executive Coach

Dawn Jones – Creator of products for herself and other speakers and of a course on Successful Booking

Lisa Ann Landry – Social Media Expert

Cara Lane – Strengths and Enthusiasm Trainer