Thank you for considering being a part of the July 28-29 Star Marketing Summit at the Homewood Suites Denver International Airport 4210 Airport Way, Denver, CO 80239 303 371-4555. We usually get around 30 participants. I expect closer to 20 for this one.

This is a unique event where already successful trainers, speakers, coaches, and the like come together to learn from their peers how to build their businesses. We meet twice a year in different cities around the country and interact consistently via a Facebook group.

The feel of the event is different than most others because no one really “presents,” they just share. You are probably not a good candidate for being a presenter if you do not feel you could benefit from being at the event yourself as a participant. You will benefit most if you can stick around for all or most of the event instead of just showing up to present. If you come in with an agenda for pitching or selling, you will only alienate the group. If you come to share and build relationships, you will get whatever results you are seeking.

As an example, I conduct a professional life coach certification training, and 100% of those who have attended a Marketing Summit have ended up registering for my course – without my ever doing a sales pitch of any kind.

We start at 8 a.m. on Saturday, July 28 and end on Sunday, July 29 at 3 p.m. Presenters are scheduled for a slot from 20 to 90 minutes in length. There is no pay for presenting, and you are requested NOT to give a pitch from the front of the room. You do get free admission and space on display tables. You can also earn by referring others to the event. For every participant you refer who signs up at the $147 price (veterans who have attended previous Marketing Summits pay $97), you receive $40 (or you can, as a presenter, offer them the $97 price).

You are also asked NOT to give your normal presentation. The audience is full of fellow presenters who want you to take down the curtain, forget the polish, and just share as a fellow life changer what you have done to create success in your speaking and coaching businesses.

You will have a topic title that reflects what aspect of your career or your success you are sharing about, but you are encouraged to be you. Please read the presenter’s guide below for more detail.

Please call me at 817 657-5301 with questions or for a chat; explore; then let me know by phone, email, or Facebook message what topic you would like to present along with the duration and time of which day would be best. If you would prefer to just attend rather than present, you are welcome to do so at the $97 price (which includes lunches).

Star Marketing Summit PRESENTER GUIDE

As a presenter at the Star Marketing Summit, you are a huge part of how meaningful this event will be for those attending. You have been invited to speak because you are doing at least one aspect of your business at an extremely high level. We appreciate you taking time out of your schedule to share and learn at the event.

Attendees want to build their own lucrative speaking businesses and develop other streams of income. They expect to get a jumpstart by attending this event. Rather than teach them your content, teach them how you make money from what you do. They don’t need you to be an expert. Instead they need you to share honestly what you do that works. They also have some experience and will want to share their ideas in collaboration with you, but be careful not to let them hijack your presentation.

• Please prepare a presentation to fit your scheduled time slot. You will want to include:
o Practical how-to content that cuts to the chase
o At least one meaningful activity
o Opportunity for Q&A and input
o Optional written handout, checklist, or other takeaway (we will reimburse you the cost of producing copies; you may also offer digital content which will be uploaded to the group’s Dropbox)
**Please use OfficeMax/Depot Store Purchasing Card number 80124842120 to get black and white copies for 2.5₵ (color is 22₵)

• You may also be asked to participate in some group activities

• There will be tables in the room for presenters who wish to make their resources available to attendees. Feel free to mention what you do and that attendees are invited to talk with you at breaks.

• PLEASE DO NOT DO A PRESENTATION GEARED TOWARD SELLING THE AUDIENCE. Do a valuable presentation, and feel free to use no more than 5 minutes to talk about what you offer WITHOUT DOING AN ACTUAL PITCH. You may include an offer sheet in with your handouts, but please discuss specifics one-on-one by networking.

• A screen and projector will be available. Please request anything else you need in advance

Again, thank you for taking time to share your expertise with the group. Please read the Attendee Guide for more information.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Sherry Prindle at 817 657-5301